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  • How will I know my Application was received?
    MLSF does not confirm receipt of the applications. Applicants should double-check the address prior to mailing and endeavor to mail their applications in a timely manner
  • How will I know when the Scholarship Is awarded?
    Recipients are notified in writing once they are selected. In addition, Information about the recipients will be posted to the MLSF Website ( approximately by August 1st. You may also refer to SECTION 2-E of the MLSF Bylaws for additional information.
  • What is the words limit for the essay?
    There is no minimum or maximum words limit. However, it is important that the subject chosen is directly dealt with. The applicant should use discretion regarding the length of the essay, inasmuch as there are many other essays the Board will read.
  • How are the winners of the Madge Lewis Scholarship selected?
    All applications are carefully checked by the Officers and Board of Directors who make the final decisions based on the information received. You may also refer to SECTION 2-D of the MLSF Bylaws for additional information
  • Does the transcript have to be official?
    The transcript does have to be official.
  • Do the letters of recommendation have to be from teachers?
    The letters do not have to be only from teachers. Pastors and other responsible persons who are well acquainted with the applicant may provide recommendations on official letterheads.
  • I am not working and/or my parent/s does not work and have no W2?
    Please discuss with your tax advisor to determine what documentation they can provide you to support your status. It is obligatory that you provide some financial information.
  • You must be registered or have an acceptance letter from a College, University or Technical Institution to apply.
    Anyone can apply provided they are able to supply the required information at the time their application is submitted.
  • If I am a resident of Florida, but plan to go to another State for college am I still eligible for the scholarship, or do I have to go to a university in Florida?"
    Applicants MUST be Residents in the State of Florida; however they may attend any college in the Continental United States.
  • How much money will be awarded?
    Please refer to the Bylaws under ARTICLE 10: AWARDS – A, B and C


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